Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 17, 2011

Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 16, 2011

News Items


Silver, gold and other commodities hit hard yesterday, recovering this morning.  Equity Markets down yesterday and today.

Asset Price Change
Dow Jones 11,787.00 -68.42
S&P 500 1,276.97 -4.90
NASDAQ 2,662.04 -5.29
USD Index 76.535 +0.128
10-Yr Bond % 3.2720% -0.0510
Gold 1404.00 +7.30
Silver 34.90 +0.64
Oil 99.23 +2.05

* Market prices are snapshot from around 10am EDT

Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 15, 2011

Top Story

The crisis in Japan continue to be the leading story.

Other Items

The Street:  Disinformation and Silver Confiscation:  Opinion – A guest commentary discusses the manipulation in the silver market and possibility of silver confiscation by the US government.

Michael Pento:  Interest Rates Are on the Launch Pad

Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 14, 2011

Top Story

Japan continues to face potential nuclear and humanitarian disasters, and more quakes.

Other News

Bloomberg:  Japan Adds $183 Billion to Stabilize Markets After Quake – Ah, a central bank’s solution to all problems … print money.  Financial crisis … print money.  Deflation … print money.  Inflation … print money.  Natural disaster … print money.  Man made disaster … print money.  Slow news day … what should we do?!?   Oh, I know … let’s print some more money.  When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

WorldNetDaily:  Utah lawmakers recognize gold as legal tender – The measure only needs the signature of Gov Herbert, who has not yet indicated his position publicly.

Reuters:  Lawmakers confident on short-term budget deal – And so, as I predicted two weeks ago, the can will be kicked down the road again.  This time is for another 3 weeks.