Mar 11

The Insidious Effects of Japan’s Disaster

by John Browne | Euro Pacific Capital | March 23, 2011

While the world’s attention has been focused on the physical destruction wrought by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the desperate attempts to contain the fallout from the shattered Fukushima Daiichi plant, and the daunting problems that Japan faces in rebuilding its infrastructure, few have truly illustrated how long-lasting and widespread the radiation’s effects may be. There has also been little mention of how large radiological events affect economies of countries outside the immediate fallout zone. In truth, the disaster could make as much of an impact on investors in New York, London, or Sao Paolo as it makes on an investor in Tokyo.  Continue reading →

Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 14, 2011

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Japan continues to face potential nuclear and humanitarian disasters, and more quakes.

Other News

Bloomberg:  Japan Adds $183 Billion to Stabilize Markets After Quake – Ah, a central bank’s solution to all problems … print money.  Financial crisis … print money.  Deflation … print money.  Inflation … print money.  Natural disaster … print money.  Man made disaster … print money.  Slow news day … what should we do?!?   Oh, I know … let’s print some more money.  When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

WorldNetDaily:  Utah lawmakers recognize gold as legal tender – The measure only needs the signature of Gov Herbert, who has not yet indicated his position publicly.

Reuters:  Lawmakers confident on short-term budget deal – And so, as I predicted two weeks ago, the can will be kicked down the road again.  This time is for another 3 weeks.

Mar 11

Morning Roundup – March 11, 2011

The big news this morning is the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan this morning.  See live coverage from BBC here.

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